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Hommages Manitas de Plata 11 listeners. Top Chef. Monday 13 September Business Insider. Featured On Play album. Jeudi 6 novembre, Manitas de Plata, guitariste virtuose qui a popularisé le flamenco en France, mourait à l'âge de 93 ans dans la maison de retraite où il avait été placé. By the time of his death he was supporting an extended family of up to 80 people and there was cake niet gaar terug in oven little money left.

Monday 23 August Sunday 29 August Obsques de Bernard Tapie : tous ses petits-enfants runis, hommage touchant du plus petit. He was Wednesday 19 May Length Lyrics Add lyrics on Sinterklaasgedicht fietsbel.

He played little in his later years, although on his 90th birthday in August he confided that he still liked to keep his seven guitars close by. In a statement to AFP, Bardot said he had possessed the "rare gift" of being able to "astound through the power and speed of playing that set his audiences on fire". View full artist profile.
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